The Arab and the American

 A series of concerts in Dubai of the famous “Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino”, is the occasion to bring an Etihad Airbus A330 in Pisa for the first time!
 The menu of the event was as follows: ferry flight from Dubai scheduled to land at 09:00 of 4/5, takeoff during the same morning, comeback in the afternoon of 4/8, and final departure before sunset.
 Too bad the landing of the ferry flight happened almost an hour before schedule, so I couldn’t film it.
 In the video you can see the 4/5 morning takeoff, the 4/8 landing and the final takeoff to Dubai.
 The surprise event of the 4/8 was the unexpected arrival of a USAF C-40, just before the A330 final departure!
 Don’t leave during end credits! 🙂 A funny bonus video’s wating for you!

A big wednesday @ Pisa (PSA)!

 Big spotters meeting in Pisa for an unmissable event: the first 747 in more than a year!
 The “personal jet” – a 747-400 – of a Saudi Prince stayed in Pisa for five days: from 2/21 to 2/25.
 2/25 was our Big Wednesady: the jumbo departed early in the morning to London Stansted (STN); then it came back in the afternoon and, finally, took off to Ryad just after sunset.
 I stayed at the airport for almost the whole day and could shoot many aircraft to give you an idea of Pisa traffic. Besides the Saudi 747, you can see another special and unexpected guest: a Delta Airlines Boeing 767 wearing the “Habitat For Humanity” Special Livery!

November special guest @ Pisa (PSA): USAF MD VC-9C!

 For the first time I could shoot an aircraft with the United States of America livery!
 Unfortunately it took off just after the sunset: the light was not good, even if the sound gives you an idea of the power of the two engines!
 Takeoff on 04R: in the background you can briefly see the Altalia Cargo MD-11 which is departing for its last PSA-JFK journey before retirement.

Alitalia MD-11: landing, taxi, backtrack and rare takeoff for 04R @ Pisa (PSA)

 After almost a year of spotting in Pisa, this has been the only time I could see the Alitalia Cargo MD-11 taking-off on runway 04R.
 On this occasion I could shoot the landing in the morning and a complex backtrack maneuver which show the Big White (,red and green) plane in all its splendor!
 EI-UPE, named Giuseppe Verdi, stars in this video!

A Summer Sunday @ Bologna (BLQ)

 A visit @ Bologna Airport during a hot summer sunday.
 I stayed a couple of hours on the little hill opposite runway head 12 (I don’t get along very well with barbed wire) and I must say local traffic was very satisfying…
 First cut of the video was more than 14 minutes… using the scissors, I could reduce it to less than 9 minutes…
 The best planes: Blue Panorama Boeing 757 and Eurofly Airbus 330 which ends the video.